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The New Summer Hangout ..... Your Yard

Summer is here with the promise of warmth and long days. Our experience will be a bit different this year. Hammocks are being set up for lounging, plastic pools are selling like hotcakes, and patio chairs are finally getting filled. So, what are we surrounding ourselves with as the world outside gets a little overwhelming and our yards become the place to be?

Plant flowers for bees, butterflies and birds. You need something to look at as you lounge or linger over your beer after dinner. Plant something to eat. Screen out the road or your neighbors to enjoy more privacy. Build that outdoor room so you can relax alone or enjoy time with friends.

Now is the time to call in the plant people, the builders, and those who know how to make your space home. Remember these things when partnering up for a project.

1. Prioritize. Make a list of what you need first to last. Most projects happen in phases.

2. Pinterest it. Pick photos of the look you want. This gives us a feel for your style and taste.

3. Walk the area. Look at it from your house. From the road. At different times of the day. We ask a lot of questions about what your goals are, where your light comes from, and where the water goes after a rain.

4. Think about what you are using the space for. Large cookouts, family dinners, or quiet coffee for two.

5. Be open. When your designer, contractor etc. sees what you see every day they will come up with something new. Think about it.

6. A budget. Have one. Even a vague one. Everyone does. We will not attempt to spend it all. We want to give you as much as we can for your money, but we cannot do that if we don’t know where your comfort zone is.

Enjoy working in your yard this summer or with the right someone to make it an amazing space!

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