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Plant Trees People!

January in Ohio, temps in the 50's, and I planted two more trees in my yard. Now for most people this would not be a top priority on a precious warm winter day, but we just moved into a new house with a larger yard and it needs trees. My husband thinks I'm crazy but planting anything makes me happy and planting trees gives me an extra sense of satisfaction.

I hear two separate views on planting trees to save the earth.

View one is that homeowners are not going to change the global climate issue with new tree plantings. Larger entities such as private businesses, public properties, highway green space and other large landowners must act to develop their acreage (in a green way obviously) to create change.

View two is that we all can make a difference and if every homeowner was a thoughtful steward of their land it would positively impact the world.

As in all huge debates of global importance it is more complicated than simply planting trees. But I am a plant nut, a landscape designer, and a nature lover so I plant trees. The oak in my back yard won't be a large living ecosystem that provides shade for decades but it isn't about what that baby tree does for me now. It is about what it does for the future.

In this time of overwhelming need from our world I plant trees so I can see the change and enjoy the beauty in my own small part of the earth.

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