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Landscape Redesign: Jump In!

Whether you have acres of lawn to mow or a planting bed that has never taken off, the yard can become overwhelming. In the chaos of work, kids, and house repairs the yard is on the list somewhere. Yet the yard is VISIBLE, you have to see it every day.

On the up side the yard offers curb appeal, a play space, time chatting with the neighbors, beauty, contemplation and a space to entertain. So let’s stop calling it a yard. What do you want it to be?

  • A contemplative space where you can rest.

  • A broad expanse of lawn you mow every week with your favorite artist jamming in your ear.

  • A vegetable garden where your children learn that food comes from somewhere other than Kroger.

  • A place to entertain in style.

  • A sustainable organic native ecosystem.

The first step: DISCERN what you need from your space and then decide what that space will require of you. Do you want to spend hours gardening each week or do a cleanup twice a year? Be REALISTIC. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure.

So now you have a vision, get going! Visit a garden center and talk to someone who knows plants (Warning: do not try this at a box store). Schedule a consultation with a designer. Find someone who asks the right questions, LISTENS to the answers, and knows how to make your vision a reality.

If your wilderness is more than a few hundred square feet be prepared to spend money on a master plan. You don’t build a house from sketches and a landscape design deserves the same time and attention.

Once you have the Master Plan in your hands visit that garden center again. Get information and prioritize when to do what. Learn how to prep the ground, plant properly, water, and prune. This is a PROCESS. Developing a great piece of property is not the same as buying a couch. These are LIVING things.

If at the end of the day you want to sit back and enjoy your renovated landscape without the blood, sweat, and tears that’s okay too. Hire a company that comes highly recommended by someone you trust. Make sure you CONNECT with that company and that they RESPOND to you.

In the end any project is a JOURNEY, but it doesn’t have to be a frustrating one.

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