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Landscape design rests on a living foundation that is in a constant state of flux. In addition to that ever changing basis are a client's needs and an inevitable impact on a site. These aspects create the complexity of this profession and the basis of a passion for landscape design.

Cloud Landscape Design is a company grounded in a passion for plants, spatial aesthetics, and drawing document quality. Projects include residential landscape design, adult education centers, senior care facilities, as well as multi-family/commercial work.


Regardless of scale or type, landscape designer, Jennifer Markel creates beautiful, usable spaces with a strong awareness of client focus, building type, and functionality. She also provides consistent communication, awareness of client needs, and excellent follow-through during all project phases.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor's of Science in Architecture and a minor in Horticulture from DAAP at the University of Cincinnati. In addition to running a landscape design business, she and her husband work to raise three children with a strong awareness of growing things and digging in the dirt. When there is quiet time she runs, reads, and enjoys yoga.

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