Owner/Designer - Jennifer Markel


Cincinnati, Ohio

We are extremely pleased with our landscape design from Cloud Landscape Design, LLC. Jennifer captured exactly what we were looking to do with our home. And even more importantly, she helped give vision to our quest to create a butterfly sanctuary and we are forever grateful!

Cynthia King, Loveland, Ohio


Whether you are in a new home or one that you have lived in for the last 10 years, the landscape is on your to do list. Let's bring it to the top of that list and create a plan. A master design gives you a guide to follow whether you are going to accomplish everything this spring or take it step by step over the next few years. This is where you begin.


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A commercial property requires time and attention not only to aesthetic appeal but also maintenance concerns. Cloud Landscape Design, provides quality service and design for your business.


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Perhaps you simply need information regarding the current plantings and what you might add to refresh your landscape. Maybe you are in a new home starting from the ground up with bare beds or dealing with an old overpowering group of shrubbery. I offer you design ideas, concrete information on plant care, and simple maintenance guidelines.


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